Monday, December 31, 2007

Neighboring menace

How many well educated people wanted to get a flat in a high priced area without a car park? Well, i know around 19 of the families who opted for it long back! My neighboring apartment doesn't have a proper car park(it does have one which can accommodate just 2 cars). And around 5 to 6 families in that very apartment owns a car.

So where will the remaining cars be parked? Of-course, on the street! The remaining cars are parked on our street in the first-come-first-park basis. And on the weekends, the cars will be parked permanently on the street, making it difficult for our (as well as their) guests to park their vehicles. There surely isn't any concrete rules about parking in domestic areas(as far as i know), but i believe one must use his/her common sense while parking!

Car park being one of the major issues with our neighbors, the other is our boisterous neighbor, who almost always bikers with his wife and children(even on petty). They have been successful in disturbing our peaceful sleep for quite sometime now. This did not stop even after my dad warned him that we are really not interested in knowing their family disputes!!

Having such neighbors can be fun for quite a few days, but is really torture-some when they start to get in to your nerves quite often. I really don't want to take these things legally. As my dad wants to sell our house and go somewhere else all because of our neighboring menace, i am having second thoughts...

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atomicarena said...

I think you should think in different line. when dogs bark, you shouldn't run away, rather you should scare them so that they don't stand in your way. "Barking dogs seldom Bite" doesn't hold good for Indian citizens. If u decide to move into new apartment, you might encounter new problems.

Best way is to stay with these troubles and try to adjust. What more you could do is to buy a car(i am sure you can afford one) and block a place for u.