Saturday, December 15, 2007

Online Shopping woes...

I was in need of a cordless headphone and was lazy enough to get it directly from a shop. I decided to get it online and searched in some credible online stores. I stumbled upon where i thought i found a perfect headphone.

I asked my friend to order it for me as my giftmate account was rejected couple of times. Two days later, i received my order. It was excellently packed. In fact, the packing was superior than the product itself!!. With lots of expectations, i patiently removed their neatly (double)packed parcel and had a look at the headphone. It looked exactly the same as in the site, but with one major difference that its not 100% cordless!

I wanted a cordless headphone for voice chat(as my room is already a mess of wires). But the stuff i got is not capable of doing voice chat in wireless mode!. They have a set of wires that i have to plug-in, if i had to do voice chat. The headset was shipped with a warranty card with no vendors signature or seal. It had a useless manual. It needs 5 AAA batteries for the headset to work in wireless mode(a detail that is missing online). I was not able to switch on the FM receiver. There is no single phone number to which i can ask queries about the product.

Had i been to a shop directly to get it, i wouldn't have selected this headset, rather got a better one, and of-course at a cheaper rate.

The problem in India being, the Online trader fails to build trust in his customers. I would never think of getting stuffs online again after this incident. Even though the sound quality is really good compared to my previous headphone, the new one fails to fulfill the basic need(which of-course is cordless voice chat).


atomicarena said...
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atomicarena said...

What u need to do is to kick your lazy butt and get it bitten by your dogie. this will help you never forget the lesson learned.

Sridhar said...

not really needed dude...the lesson is well learnt!