Friday, February 8, 2008

Enemy within - down with fever

Its 2.00 a.m and i really couldn't sleep. I hardly would have slept for an hour tonight. The intensity of fever and heaviness on my throat and head is increasing exponentially. Yet, i hate to take pills or go see a doc.

The same kind of symptoms were there with my dad a month back. I don't know about the sleeping part though, cause, i never could sleep(easily) back when i wake up in the mid-night.

My dad went to 3 different doctors, and almost took hundreds of pills(mostly antibiotics) for the whole time. I couldn't see him completely well even now. So i don't like to see doctors who treat patients like lab rats(and obviously all of them practice on us).

While i type this blog(almost shivering), my dog is sitting besides me and starring at me for obvious reasons. When ever some one wakes up, that some one got to let him out in the terrace. I can't do that today(since i am pretty much sure that hes gonna make an ass out of me and never would come down ;)).

Even though the clock is ticking, i really don't feel sleepy. My mom kept pestering me and made me have half a pill, so that i could feel better(and apparently i had to do).

Its been a while since i am down with fever(almost an year now). Could be because of the season(its piping hot in the day and cold during nights). I was the only one left in my (office) team who hadn't been down with fever. And finally the enemy within heard their plea and and granted their wish :P(pun intended).

If this fever continues, i really don't think i could be back on track with my normal day activities for a while. Hope this is really just a normal fever(not any kind of viral shit) and i would be back on track(and don't miss our official Cric. Fest :)) soon.