Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Time to become a vegie

I have been a non-vegetarian(even though not a hard core meat eater) for most of my life now. I am(again) trying to be a vegetarian from now on. I had given a couple of tries previously, but never could keep up to it. One way or the other i end up eating meat(usually happens in the very next treat).

This time i hope to keep my oath as long as possible. The only problem being a vegetarian is the parties! The restaurants don't have much of a choice for vegetarians. Its same old potatoes and mushrooms all i can think off. The waiters come to take orders only after he finishes off with non-veg guys. The orders come late. "It really sucks to be a vegetarian" is what i would feel when i see vegetarians trying to figure out what to eat.

I personally have teased many of my vegetarian friends for eating carrots and greens like a cow :). I am now in the receiving side. There are two things i cant live without(previously there was 3 including fish). They are Eggs and Movies :). I dont think i can sustain without eating eggs. So i have included eggs in the vegetarian basket.

Many of my friends ask why would i ever think of changing to a vegetarian?. I really don't know the exact reason. One reason is my parents are staunch vegetarians. They don't entertain non-vegetarian foods in our house(though they let me eat what ever i want). So cooking meat in our house is ruled out completely. Restaurants are not maintaining the hygiene factor. I have heard many of my non-vegetarian friends telling, non-veg is best ate when cooked in ones house. I agree on that. More over, every restaurant i have been since today, the food is either soaked in oil or tastes bland. So by avoiding non-veg in restaurants, i am actually avoiding non-veg fully :).

And the other more important reason is the animal slaughters involved. Many ask, "will the animal killings stop just because you stop eating meat?". My answer is 'no'. But I am at-least taking a step to stop it and I can be least assured that no animal is killed for the sake of feeding me!

Those who want to become a vegetarian, here's couple links
Hope things go well and i stay as a vegetarian for rest of my life.

p.s: I am posting this as a blog just to remember the day i became a vegetarian. My previous attempts failed just because i don't remember since how long i have kept my oath, and will end up eating non-veg food the very next day to start all over again....the recursion never stopped till today :)

Fish and Prawns: Restaurant Review

Fish and Prawns was opened near my house few months back. I wanted to give this restaurant a try for a long time. Finally me along with my friend decided to try this place last weekend hoping to eat some fish.

We actually went little early to the restaurant and the place was not even 20% full. We decided to take our seats inside the AC hall. AC hall was better than the one outside with good sofas and lighting. When we saw the menu card, it was no different than some kerala-type restaurants menu card. No seafood specials, in-fact poultry items looked far better than seafood items in their menu!

Disappointingly we had to order for a chicken clear soup and a couple of sea food starters. Soup was drinkable, and surprisingly, the starters were good too. We then ordered for a egg dosa, chicken dosa. The waiter gave us a you-are-going-to-starve look. He then asked us "Enough?". We thought we will order for one more main dish and ordered for egg kothu parota. Now the waiter said we will have to order a sidedish separately for dosas. We asked him his suggestion. He suggested prawn masala and we went for it.

The dosas and parota were served and the side dish is yet to come. By the time the sidedish came, the main dishes were cold. We then tried the prawn masala and my friend gave me a what-the-hell-is-it look! The prawn masala was sour with prawns tasted like beef. Dosas tasted like it was made with the dough prepared weeks back. The raita that came with parota was no good either. It smelt like rat poison!!

We tried our level best to finish the food, but we never could. We wasted most of the prawn masala and the parota(which actually was good, but prawn masala played spoil sport on it too). We really regretted that we have stepped in to one crappy restaurant.

We actually wanted to have some seafood, and ended up ordering a big mess. Btw, how are the restaurants named? When obviously, their area of interest is not seafood, why would they name it Fish and prawns and disappoint their new customers?! They could have just named it Dine and die :)!

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Dark Knight - New Stills and Official trailer released!

Well, just a couple of days back, in my previous post, i was mourning that Christopher Nolan isn't releasing any new images or new trailers of the upcoming Batman Begins sequel, The Dark Knight. But here we are, few more images and the new official trailer is out in the web now.

Here are the images. And heres the new trailer.

In my previous post, i got it wrong by telling Two face is also a villan, but hes kind of a vigilante who along with Batman and Inspector Gordon saves Gotham city from the dangerous claws of Joker!

More updates coming soon.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Most anticipated movies(2008)

Here is my list of most anticipated movies of this year. Its in the reverse order.

This is the year of Red, Green and Black! Hellboy, Hulk and Batman are making a re-entry in the big screen..with a bang! This year introduces a new superhero in the big screen, Hancock. Willsmith has done most of the roles that takes saving the world. Hes taking his chances in playing a superhero now...the trailer is already out and its awesome.

The much hyped, fourth installment of Indiana Jones is also getting released this May, starring Harrison Ford...again! Keanu Reeves is making a comeback with Street kings. The trailer looks promising. Even though this isn't his first film as a cop, he looks stunning in this one.

I did not like the previous version of Hulk much. Ang Lee screwed it up big time. Hoping forward to see this new Hulk in big screen. By the way, Eric Bana is no longer Hulk, Edward Norton stole his place. Hope this Hulk strikes big! Robert De Niro and Al Pacino are teaming up after 13 years(the previous one was Heat, which was a terrific hit) in Righteous Kill. Rapper 50 Cents is also starring in this movie.

Hellboy-2 is another big-budget film i am curious to watch. First installment of Hellboy was very entertaining..hope this one follows the same trait.

Being a big fan of Christopher Nolan, Christian Bale and of-course Batman, i really cant wait to see The Dark Knight out in theaters. Batman Begins was awesome and Bale as Batman simply rocks!! The new Batman movie presents two villans, The Joker and Two face. Heath Ledger as Joker was amazing and terrifying(in the trailers). The Dark Knight is easily the movie of the year.

All Batman fans are already berserk as the release date nears. I would like to ask Nolan just one thing, please, please reveal something!! at-least release some more pictures and teasers. The latest trailer which is been screened recently after Its all part of the plan event, is not yet available on net.

Overall, this year is the year of blockbusters and i am sure will be a feast for movie lovers all over the world.