Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Indian 11 vs Australian 14!

The second test match in Sydney was full of controversies, wrong umpiring decisions and off-course, exchange of words. In my opinion, Indian players are merely cheated to loose the match! One can understand if there were one or two misjudgments. After-all umpires are humans. But more than 10 erroneous decisions (most of which against India) is ridiculous.

Once again Australians proved that they can go to any extent to win a match. The way Michael Clarke waited for the umpire decision after being caught by the slip proves the point. Australian cricket will no longer be considered as a Gentleman's game after this match in Sydney. As Steve Waugh said, "Test will be remembered for wrong reasons".

To cover up the umpiring errors, Australians have reported against Harbajan Singh, that he called Symonds a "Monkey". And the match referee Mr. Procter found Harbajan guilty of Racial comments! In what sense, calling a person "Monkey" be considered a racial abuse?? And this very incident doesn't have any audio or video evidence to prove Harbajan is guilty. Procter banned Harbajan for 3 test matches on what Clarke and Ponting said as evidence! Why is not Sachin's statement considered in the verdict? Is it because he is not white? Is this not racism? One can know the credibility of Ponting from here. If Harbajan is found not-guilty, will Symonds and co. be penalize for bluffing?

Australians lacked decency and Indian team can hold their head high for playing the whole test in true spirit. Its high time that we recall the team back to defend our self respect. If they really wanted to play the rest of the series, call back Sreesanth to make them taste their own medicine. And off-course, call back Bucknor and Benson for their outstanding efforts to uproot Indian cricket team.

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