Saturday, April 10, 2010

Blue Crossed...

I always had a high value for Blue Cross of India, till tonight. What most of our area people had watched few minutes back, was not totally un-Indian way of dealing with animals, but it was totally inhumane.

One cow had escaped from its herd and ran straight in to my neighboring apartment. About 15 boys ranging from 7 to 20yr old came hunting for the cow, equipped with stones and ropes. Why stones? you may ask. The cow was supposedly caught from some forest, possibly for slaughter and it ran away from its certain death to finally get caught. They wanted the cow dead or alive and when they took it, its was some where in-between both. That answers why the stones.

Seeing a large crowd, the cow was naturally terrified and was attacking what ever it saw, including the neighbors gate. Seeing the terrified cow, the boys got terrified and attacked the cow. My dad, to some extent controlled them from both terrifying the cow and attacking it, till they caught it of course.

After some 30 minutes of drama, they finally caught the cow. But the cow did not want to give up. It was jumping its ass off. To control the jumping cow, the boys used all the ropes they had and tied every movable part of the cow. They in-fact bundled it in such a way that they can courier it to some other place. It was no more like a living thing, it was more of a parcel.

It was now I decided to call the Blue Cross, supposedly the only Animal lovers of our Country. I knew it was already late, but I also knew they had to wait for some transport to take back their hunt, which kind of bought me some time.

Blue Cross had two numbers in their site, which I tried repeatedly for few minutes. Finally one person answered the call. I explained him the situation. After hearing the whole story, he said, I will have to call the police station. I was really shocked. I then asked him what for you guys are there. For which he said, they only help animals that are hurt(and that too if the owner is around). What the hell do they call the animal which is tied up like a bundled heap of leather? I finally yelled at him and replaced the receiver.

Meanwhile their transport arrived to pick up their hunt and they left as a happy bunch. Humans cannot curb their love for meat, but there are many civilized way of feeding their desire. Are we civilized? asks Blue Cross. Are you worth your salt, asks me back to them.

p.s: Lesson learnt is, if something like this ever happens again, call the nearest Police station(never got through 100 though) and register a complaint. But I can be sure of one thing. The cops will arrive just in time to question you, not to save the animal from its fate. That's how fast they can act.