Thursday, December 13, 2007

My take on Maverick(Annanagar)

Having been to most of the gyms near my place, i think i am eligible to blog about Maverick. Previously we(me and my friends) had been working out in Abinaya. We actually thought we have found a perfect gym till my friend picked up a fight with the unfriendly manager!.

We had to look for an alternate gym and had a look in to most of the gyms in and around our place and finally found Maverick. At first glance, we had a feeling that Maverick was costly(compared to Abinaya and its likes). One can get a life time membership in Abinaya for the amount he had to pay Maverick for an year subscription. Since we had no good options, we had to zero down to Maverick.

After joining Maverick, within first few days we were satisfied that the money spent is really worth. Early days in Maverick were fun filled. We had a real good time with our coaches(esp. Zakeer and Murali). After few months, almost all of the old coaches were replaced. We weren't happy about this move, but the new coaches got accustomed with us quite soon.

Few things that keeps Maverick ahead of other gyms(i have been to) are quality of service, its ambiance, friendly/caring coaches and more importantly its less crowded. Coaches never mourn about lending a helping hand even in peak hours. Management and managers are extremely friendly and always helpful.

Only thing that bothers more about Maverick is, in peak hours, we had to wait for quite some time to get a thread-mill. Apart from that, Maverick is a perfect choice for all age groups.

As per my current experience with Maverick, its worth the time and money spent. We really appreciate their effort in keeping us fit!


PRAKASH said...

what is fee to join in maverick , let me know . i would like to join

Sridhar said...

Its 11k when I last inquired. is their website. You can get their contact info from that site.

Sildenafil said...
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