Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Time to become a vegie

I have been a non-vegetarian(even though not a hard core meat eater) for most of my life now. I am(again) trying to be a vegetarian from now on. I had given a couple of tries previously, but never could keep up to it. One way or the other i end up eating meat(usually happens in the very next treat).

This time i hope to keep my oath as long as possible. The only problem being a vegetarian is the parties! The restaurants don't have much of a choice for vegetarians. Its same old potatoes and mushrooms all i can think off. The waiters come to take orders only after he finishes off with non-veg guys. The orders come late. "It really sucks to be a vegetarian" is what i would feel when i see vegetarians trying to figure out what to eat.

I personally have teased many of my vegetarian friends for eating carrots and greens like a cow :). I am now in the receiving side. There are two things i cant live without(previously there was 3 including fish). They are Eggs and Movies :). I dont think i can sustain without eating eggs. So i have included eggs in the vegetarian basket.

Many of my friends ask why would i ever think of changing to a vegetarian?. I really don't know the exact reason. One reason is my parents are staunch vegetarians. They don't entertain non-vegetarian foods in our house(though they let me eat what ever i want). So cooking meat in our house is ruled out completely. Restaurants are not maintaining the hygiene factor. I have heard many of my non-vegetarian friends telling, non-veg is best ate when cooked in ones house. I agree on that. More over, every restaurant i have been since today, the food is either soaked in oil or tastes bland. So by avoiding non-veg in restaurants, i am actually avoiding non-veg fully :).

And the other more important reason is the animal slaughters involved. Many ask, "will the animal killings stop just because you stop eating meat?". My answer is 'no'. But I am at-least taking a step to stop it and I can be least assured that no animal is killed for the sake of feeding me!

Those who want to become a vegetarian, here's couple links
Hope things go well and i stay as a vegetarian for rest of my life.

p.s: I am posting this as a blog just to remember the day i became a vegetarian. My previous attempts failed just because i don't remember since how long i have kept my oath, and will end up eating non-veg food the very next day to start all over again....the recursion never stopped till today :)


durai said...

Congrats buddy...Its a good choice..Soon, i will also join in yr gang..lets see!!!!!

Anonymous said...


It is unbelievable. Y such a sudden change.How can i enjoy treats without U...

Sridhar said...

thanks buddy! expecting you soon :)

when did i say i wont come to treats!! i will be very much present for all the treats...but the thing is, i will be eating veg food :)

Mani said...


Is Chicken is not veg ? (As per your statements before ) You are already a vegie boy.

Sridhar said...

i stopped eating chicken longtime back(i think u knew)...i actually had claimed fish to be a veg food :)...but hmmm...i dont eat fish anymore

Sathish Yadav said...

hmmmmmm veggie boy, time for next post..........