Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fish and Prawns: Restaurant Review

Fish and Prawns was opened near my house few months back. I wanted to give this restaurant a try for a long time. Finally me along with my friend decided to try this place last weekend hoping to eat some fish.

We actually went little early to the restaurant and the place was not even 20% full. We decided to take our seats inside the AC hall. AC hall was better than the one outside with good sofas and lighting. When we saw the menu card, it was no different than some kerala-type restaurants menu card. No seafood specials, in-fact poultry items looked far better than seafood items in their menu!

Disappointingly we had to order for a chicken clear soup and a couple of sea food starters. Soup was drinkable, and surprisingly, the starters were good too. We then ordered for a egg dosa, chicken dosa. The waiter gave us a you-are-going-to-starve look. He then asked us "Enough?". We thought we will order for one more main dish and ordered for egg kothu parota. Now the waiter said we will have to order a sidedish separately for dosas. We asked him his suggestion. He suggested prawn masala and we went for it.

The dosas and parota were served and the side dish is yet to come. By the time the sidedish came, the main dishes were cold. We then tried the prawn masala and my friend gave me a what-the-hell-is-it look! The prawn masala was sour with prawns tasted like beef. Dosas tasted like it was made with the dough prepared weeks back. The raita that came with parota was no good either. It smelt like rat poison!!

We tried our level best to finish the food, but we never could. We wasted most of the prawn masala and the parota(which actually was good, but prawn masala played spoil sport on it too). We really regretted that we have stepped in to one crappy restaurant.

We actually wanted to have some seafood, and ended up ordering a big mess. Btw, how are the restaurants named? When obviously, their area of interest is not seafood, why would they name it Fish and prawns and disappoint their new customers?! They could have just named it Dine and die :)!


Term Papers said...

Fish and Prawns was opened near your house few months back. you wanted to give this restaurant a try for a long time,Finally you tried this restaurant and enjoyed with your friends Because there are many fish atoms to eat.Am i right?

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Sridhar said...

@term papers,

I dont think you followed the blog. I never enjoyed their food that time...and thats the last time I ever ate fish or meat.