Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mobile purchase

I had to get one mobile for my mom. I was asked to do it 3 months back. Due to few obvious reasons(one of which is, me being lazy) it was slightly delayed and i finally got one yesterday. As this is my first mobile purchase, i didn't have any idea on what are the criteria to look for.

Me and my brother discussed for few minutes and finally decided on a model(Nokia 2630). Now the problem is, where to get it. There are 4 mobile shops near my office(Subiksha, Nokia Priority, UniverCell and Mobile Store). I was not in a mood to go to all the four shops and decide on the cheapest one. I was advised not to purchase in Priority as it was the costliest of the lot. The very name Subiksha itself did not attract me (and off-course their mobile shop doest have good reviews eaither).

So the choices were rounded-off to UniverCell and Mobile Store. I had been to Mobile store 2 days back to see their quote for this mobile. Before going to UniverCell, i checked their website for their price. Their price was 150 bucks lesser than what mobile store quoted. So i thought UniverCell would be the right place to get it.

After visiting UniverCell, i regretted the decision of getting a mobile here. The price what they have quoted in their website and what the sales person said differed by 250 bucks! When i asked about it, he said its only for online purchase(which was never stated in their website)!! After saying this, the sales person stared packing the mobile to where it belonged and gave me a if-you-want-get-it-or-walk-off look. So i chose to walk off. I am really taken by surprise to see the crowd UniverCell is getting with this kind of service.

Since i badly needed this mobile to be bought, my next stop was in Mobile Store where i had a totally different experience. Their sales people were friendlier than the one in UniverCell. Even though they didn't reduce the price, i was totally satisfied with their service.

Bottom line is, purchasing a mobile is a 10 minutes job, so no point being lazy :) and never choose UniverCell for getting a mobile even if you are in a remote place with UniverCell being the only store for getting mobiles.


Jerry said...

You should have taken Sangeetha into account. Sangeetha and Subiksha are the cheepest one...

Sridhar said...

Never knew a place called Sangeetha...thanks for the tip though!

Anonymous said...

Sangeetha is famous in Bglr not in Chennai though, but Subiksha is very less in Bglr.

Sathish Yadav

atomicarena said...

I am another Victim of univercell. They suck big time. I helped my friend purchase a mobile. Tot Univercell would be the place. without ny homework, i bumped in and bought one in no time. Only after purchasing it , I had a lot of queries(device drivers for the data cable didn't work). I had a very tough time to go about it with them. Finally dropped the thought of transferring files from the phone. Univercell folks are mere cheaters. For the very fact that there is crowd they behave unfriendly to customers.

Anonymous said...

heyy folks...just read ur comments thought lemme share a thought... i just bought a Nokia N82 from Sangeetha Mobiles FOR RS.20,600/- + FREE BLUETOOTH 1599/ + FREE BEAUTY CARE VOUCHER 1200/ all worth rs 2,800/-.
Its a gr8 offer...check it out.and yeah dude..sangeetha is the best place 2 shop for mobiles and even Ipods :)