Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cannibal Holocaust(1980): Review

This is one of the sickest film i have ever seen. After seeing the controversies surrounding this particular movie(ex. getting banned in 50 odd countries and director Ruggero Deodato getting arrested etc.), i thought of giving it a go. Even though the movies title mentions about cannibals, the movie is more or less like an animal-snuff film! *This film is surely not for any light hearted persons*

The movie started with a basic statuary warning stating that the movie contains unedited gruesome clippings. The movie is about a missing crew of ambitious documentary film makers, who set their foot in dangerous Amazon jungle to make a documentary about the cannibal tribes living there. A highly reputed professor is sent to recover the missing crew.

With the help of a local guide(who himself looks like a dressed barbarian) and his assistant, they start their search. The first 15 minutes went off without any bloodshed or killing. Then came first killing scene in which the assistant kills a Coatimundi for their lunch. He gives its stomach parts for a local tribe fellow(kaatu vaasi), who gets caught in the earlier scene, to eat(which he relishes eating raw).

After tracing 2 tribes, they finally found the Cannibal tribes who are locally referred to as Tree people(as they lived in trees). The introduction scene of tree people itself was gruesome. They were shown catching a cave woman(from a tree) for their dinner.

The crew attends their ritual meeting where the tribe leader chants something for sometime which the professor records. After sometime he plays the chanting to the tribe after which they are invited for the dinner(yep! the lady they caught earlier). The professor was offered the liver(or kidney or looked sick) which he had to eat(else he will be their side-dish). Finally they were able to recover the camera used by the documentary film crew along with their skulls.

Rest of the film deals with video recorded by the film crew which reveals their crueler intentions. The footage contains killing of a turtle, snake, monkey, spider and a pig. Warn you, these are real killings of animals filmed. I found really hard to watch the turtle killing scene. It was the goriest of the all(even now i feel like vomiting if i think about this scene).

In the video, the documentary crew members are shown terrorizing the local tribes, raping a local tribe girl and burning their houses. They finally meet the Tree people(who are like the head tribe of the jungle). The Tree people show them the final highway to hell. They are surrounded, beaten to death and finally torn apart and eaten by the Cannibal tribe.

I did not enjoy even a single minute of the movie(i now hope i never had watched this film). The only thing i enjoyed in this film is a background score that comes once in a while. I regret seeing this movie basically because of the animal killing scenes. I feel the essence of the movie would not have degraded even a single bit even without these animal killing scenes. They could have atleast faked those scenes! Shame on director Ruggero Deodatos part on killing helpless animals for the sake of trying to add power to the storyline(which he ultimately failed).

Finally, this movie is not worth a watch. There are better movies and better things to do for one and a half hour rather watching this sick film. Many consider this movie as a classic(the director himself considers this as his best film). I could directly relate this movie as sick. Miss this one for your own good!!


Sathish Yadav said...

Don't be so angry, it was a good movie considering the fact, it was taken 50 years ago. The goriness reflects the truth of how we were, you and I are soft due to our mom and dad being soft to us, if it were the other case, we will be no different from the ones you saw in Cannibal Holocaust.

The movie was to portray the gruesomeness of hitler's holocaust the director's way and how humans have evolved over time. This was post world war 2 movie and thus it was good to its times.

Fine though, save a copy for me, I am going to see it thread bare even if it is so gory.

Sridhar said...

Few things u missed out buddy...

1. i am not angry
2. its not a 50 yr old movie. its a 1980 do the math ;)
3. i dont mind watching gory movies..and u know tat :). this movie is really *sick*. i am not a fan of animal snuff films..they killed animals and filmed it buddy! can it get sicker than this!!

4. finally, i deleted it as soon as the film got over :) so no copies for u :P..i cud get u the torrent link though...

Brian Robertson said...

What a fucking pussy. I watched the entire movie. The subject matter may have been sick (which is what attracted me), but the execution sucked ass. Terrible acting, terrible story line (not the cannibal stuff), shitty dialog, terrible music score (I can't believe you enjoyed it. The score sucked), terrible directing and editing and cinematography. The boy eating the entrails was the only good part of the film. Score negative nine.

Sridhar said...


thanks for dropping by. cud agree with u on few things, but not on the killing part. they cud have easily faked it(which is wat is done these days), but they chose to do the extreme for mere fun....

p.s: dono wat made u think i am a *pussy*..i mostly watch all kind of movies, and this movie just happened to be not my taste.

Brian Robertson said...

The entrails looked like tube sausage to me, not like real entrails. I've gutted an animal or two in my day and they looked like something off of a meat packing line rather than out of a freshly killed carcase. If you wanted to see what real guts look like check out then compare. That is if you have the stomach for real gore.

I don't really think you're a pussy, it's just my way of saying you sounded like a little girl. In all reality you may be the toughest some bitch I've yet to meet. But I may never know.

Sridhar said...

yup, the entrails did look like a tube of sausage.....but the other scenes were totally sick(like the turtle scene).

...and yeah, kindled old memories ;). when we were kids, we used to go to this site and look for goriest pictures(still remember the one with a helicopter chopping off a guys face :)).

i am not against sick films(good to see one once in a while)...but i am totally against killing animals for films...tats wat i really meant.

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