Tuesday, November 3, 2009

On a typical rainy day in Chennai...

Like any other day, I woke up around 5.30 in the morning. There was a light drizzle. Again like any other day, I got myself ready to hit the gym. The light drizzle transformed itself to a mild rain. And, the rain to heavy rain by around 7 a.m. Cursing myself for not owning a car(I always told myself, owning a car in Chennai is like owning a Ship in Rajastan...no point!), I waited for the rain to stop, at least till I reach the gym. Ten minutes is all I need to reach the gym.

Loosing all my hope, called up my partner and told I wont be making it on time and asked him to carry on. Suddenly the rain almost came to a screeching halt. There was still a mild drizzle. But I can still make it to gym with my Jerkin on. It was still drizzling and I was rushing my way down to gym. I was almost half way through, the wrath of rain was upon me again. It was like rain missed to see me for five odd minutes or...or rain laid a perfect "trap" for me and I fell hard on it with my face first!

I was now totally drenched in rain. Jerkin on me was not of much help. I had no option to head back home. Rain won the first round! I told myself, I should not let rain win the second round. Which is, on my way to Office. There are two ways to prevent this. One is the easy way. Take the day off. Other is wait for the rain to stop and head to office.

I was already considering the easy way out. I still had few pages left on the book I was reading. A rainy day is perfect for the thrilling climax. And, there are quite a few movies, waiting for me to watch! Now came the reality, banging my head like a bolt! I have this call today. Not today of all days. I really have to be in Office. Then I said to myself, "cancel the damn call"....then again I can't, its yesterdays call!! I then realized, any day, its a bad idea to postpone a call!

Before I made up my mind, it stopped raining. It was not even drizzling. Sun was peaking out. There is now the second option, the only option. Escaping the rain is the ulterior motto! So had a quick bath and a quicker breakfast and left for office.

It was long since I have started to office by 9 am. I assumed the roads will be jam packed. To my surprise, it wasn't that bad....till I reached Guindy! I could see the densely packed vehicles before even reaching the Kathipara junction. My bad, I should have taken the Saidapet route. Again, always the other side is greener. It took 20 odd minutes to reach the other end of the bridge.

By now, it was like its going to start all over again! Clouds gathered. It got cold again. It became evident its going to start pouring any minute now. I thought, its always a loosing game with rain! I almost reached office, when it started to drizzle again. This time, I knew I could make it to office without getting too wet. It drizzled for few minutes and it stopped. This time for good. But the time I reached office, it as sunny all over again.

After reaching my desk, I realized, So much for the rain that shows up once in a blue moon! I felt really bad for trying to escape the rain. I wish it rains more here in Chennai. Any day, pouring rain is always better than scorching sun!


iToon said...

Fine end lines. You are becoming a good writer!

Sreekanth said...

There, that's it! I always knew it was running somewhere in the family! This writing business!

vj said...

nice one.especially the car vs ship


shersks said...

hey! tat was envisaging.

Sridhar said...

Hey guys, thanks for the comments!

senthil said...

First time, am reading your blog da.. Good.

Milu said...


this is a nice blog..keep writing..

whatsinaname said...

Hey how come your Google transliterator updates invisibly? One moment it doesn't work with 3.6, next restart it works. Spooked me out.

Sorry for posting it here. I hate twitter.