Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Railway Gate

Few days back, I happened to pass through Pallavaram Railway level crossing. While returning back, the gate was closed, obviously because few trains were suppose to pass through. I agree its kind of a lengthy wait(like around 15 minutes). But to my surprise, only two of us in two wheelers(along with many four wheelers) were waiting for the gate to open. Others just used the gap between the gate to pass through.

If the gap between the gate was sufficient enough for cars to pass through, I guess there wouldn't be any cars waiting for the signal either. And if we notice the ones passing through the Railway crossing, most were well educated(probably software engineers), family guys picking up their kids from school, college students and women with small kids in their hands. Many others were crossing while talking in their mobile or head set in their ears. Some even braved the trains seconds before the train sped its way through the tracks.

One thing that beats me is, whats the big hurry? What are we gaining by saving that 15 minutes of our lives through actually risking it? Nothing! But we Indians still do it.

One of my friend met with an accident trying to cross a Railway level crossing few months back. He got knocked down by the train and left with multiple fractures in his shoulder and arms. Hes almost recovered now after three months of rest(which includes one month of total bed rest). He probably tried to save 15 minutes and lost 3 months of his life(leave alone the monetary loss) .

Many unfortunate(or should I say fortunate?) people end up loosing their life, like one of my relatives. He got ran over by the train and he was just in his twenties when this happened!

Even though the number of accidents in the Railway crossing is way too less compared to the accidents happening on roads, its probably one of the stupidest ways to die!

One day, the driver of the cab I had taken told, "this is India and it will never change", when we saw few reckless drivings and signal jumping. Probably, India with people having such a mentality will never ever change. We just will have to live through it.


Vijay said...

good one. its all with enforcement i think. People dont realise the risk but if you have a strict penalty and enforce it, it sticks. we were returning after a late night movie and found people stopping on amber at 1.00 am ( in singapore)....in less than 25 years, a population has been tuned to respect the law.

singapore is a ' fine ' city


mahaveer said...

looks like you have earned the curse of the train... thats why all ur friends get run over by trains...buT i totally agree to one thing "IT'S A STUPIDEST WAY TO DIE"

iToon said...

I agree with the cab driver!

mp_deshpande86 said...

Good blog...