Monday, October 27, 2008

Calvin and Hobbes: Firefox Extension

Like most people out there, i am also a big fan of Calvin and Hobbes strips. I had earlier written a iGoogle gadget that displays Calvin and Hobbes strip of the day. I wanted to convert this gadget to a Firefox extension for a long time. Couple days back(10/24), i was struck in my office due to rains and crazy traffic. That is when i decided to finish off this extension.

Here is the addon link. This is my second Firefox extension. This is also under experimental addons currently. You will need an account to install your copy.

After installation, a small Calvin icon will be added in the status bar. When ever you are bored, you can click on it to see the Calvin and Hobbes strip of the day in a small pop-up in the same window. Links are provided in the top to view the previous strips too.

This is the first bare-bone version of the extension, so may have few bugs and usability issues. As always, report any bugs/issues here. Feature requests are always welcome!

Update 1:
1. New Icons for navigation added.
2. First Strip and Random Strip links added.

Update 2:
1. Date Chooser added.
2. Firefox 3.1beta2 supported.

Update 3:
1. Favorite button added.
2. Users can now choose either favorite mode or default mode to navigate through the strips.

Update 4[1.0.3]:
1. Firefox 3.1beta2 UI issues fixed.
2. Opening the image in new tab(instead of new window) is done.
3. Minor navigation and tooltip issues fixed.

Addon is now Public. Many thanks to the reviewer(Zadkiel M).
You dont need an account to install this addon anymore!


iToon said...

Cool piece of work!!!

John said...

please add the following 3 features:

Random Comic Link
First comic Link
Ability to introduce a specif date to get the comic from that day

(this idea is already available at:

but would be great to have it on the FF extension :D Watterson is great

Sridhar said...


random link and first strip link added along with icons for navigation links.

specifying date..coming soon :)

Josh said...

great stuff. thank you much.

one problem though. I can't get it to close from the top of my firefox window. the X box looks like it clicks, but it doesn't close. firefox with NoScript. Thoughts?

Sridhar said...

There are few problems in the extension when installed in FF2.*. Will try to fix them in next update. Try using FF3.0.

btw, why are you still using FF2.*??

Sridhar said...

Hi all,

I have updated the Calvin and Hobbes Firefox Extension with Calender support. Now you can choose any specific date from the calender and the strip associated for that date will be displayed.

Sorry for the delay! Please try this update and keep coming up with more features!!

Sridhar said...

hi all,

Another major update! Favorite button is added. You can now favorite a particular strip and navigate through them using Favorite mode.


Anonymous said...

:(( transmogrifier no longer serves C&H strips...

Tadalafil said...
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