Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tatasky: pros and cons

We have been using Tatasky DTH in our house for past few months. I would say, Tatasky is not complete value for money. Listed are its pros and cons

I would start with pros,

1. Topnotch video and audio quality on most(yeah! not all) of the channels.
2. 24 hrs signal reception(apart from the time your house doesn't have power)
3. Good customer support.
4. On-screen alerts for renewal and new channel additions.
5. Easy payment options. One can easily renew through online.
6. Mobile SMS alerts.

Here are the list of irritating issues,

1. One has to use two remotes. One that comes with the TV for controlling the TV and the other for changing the channels.
2. It always shows the boring Help video on a cold boot.
3. Video quality for few channels are pathetic. Ex: HBO. The quality of HBO sucks big time.
4. Its a bit expensive. One has to burn 350 bucks a month for 30 odd good channels(i am not including all the other crap channels).
5. No reception on heavy rainy days(not so common in chennai)
6. Change of channel combination for packages done without user control(but with intimation). They remove or add channels as they like.
7. Don't have many attractive packages. One has to go for the 300 bucks or 350 bucks package for good channel list.
8. Language option is not available for most of the channels(might be the channels restriction)

I was really impressed by their support. While renewing my account, i thought i should let them know about the HBO reception issue. So i logged a complaint with my phone number in the feedback form on their site. To my surprise, the very next day, i got a call from one of their support person. Even though the issues is not solved till date, its really a feel good factor when you come to know your complaints are being listened to.

The only reason, i think, why Tatasky is able to survive with is highly priced packages is the lack of competition. If more competition spawns in this market, we can expect more attractive channel packages from all the players.

Chase: Being a cop for 10 mins...

Two days back, i was driving past Saidapet towards Velachery to my office. There used to be police checking (mostly for Helmets defaulters) near the concord stopping every Thursdays.

I was driving behind a Sumo. When we were about the cross the cops, the police asked the Sumo to stop. Apparently, the Sumo driver had different intentions and flew past the cop. As i was the very next person to the Sumo, he asked me to stop too. This time not for any checking, but for chasing the Sumo :).

I was asked to follow and overtake the Sumo. After a chase of about 2kms, we overtook and caught the Sumo. Thanks to the city traffic and the PTC bus ahead the Sumo. All the way through the chase, the police was constantly alerting the cops next signal through his radio (like in the movies ;)) about the Sumo.

One thing i learnt from this experience is, if a traffic police plans to nail you down, there is no running away. Its always better to stop and answer the cops rather get caught running away and paying a hefty penalty!